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Aiming at cost-effective and excellent services we started PCB production in the early eighties. Encouraged by a steadily growing demand we enlarged our facilities with a focus on medium to large scale production of rigid PCBs.

Along with growing capacities we of course kept up with the increasing technical requirements and today avail of latest machinery together with pre- and post-production equipment.
Today Success Link´s product portfolio also includes flexible printed circuits boards, silicon rubber keyboards and membran keyboards. They are part of our subcontract manufacturing services.

Many customers, especially in Europe, are convinced by the quality and reliability of our service. But it is not only technology which counts but also skills. The people behind are highly motivated, well-trained and they are commited to customer satisfaction.
Success Link  will provide you comprehensive support. Located at a traditional gateway between east and west, the office administrates quotations and order proceedings in close cooperation with our manufacturing facilities on the Chinese mainland.

We are glad to welcome you on our site and are looking forward to hear of you.

Be Success!!
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