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Success Link supplies one-sided, two-sided and multilayer-PCBs with up to 10 layers. The increasing complexity of PCB-designs requires an exactly coordinated system of photochemical, chemical and thermal/mechanical manufacturing steps. With latest equipment and ample resources we provide for continuity in manufacturing conditions which enables us to supply products in a just as continuous high quality: With first orders and small quantitities just as well as with follow-up orders and large series.

Technical Data (Design Rules) ...

Our quality checks comply with the standard IPC-A-600F class II (acceptability for printed boards) of the American "Association Connecting Electronics Industries" (IPC).

To bring new products to market is a highly demanding and often risky job. Success Link helps you cut costs and makes PCB production a reliable, constant factor in this process. With favorable rates, dependable quality and on-time delivery we contribute to our customers´ success.
Take advantage of our all-inclusive quality-service, comprising of :

  1 Design Rule Check before production Inclusive
  2 Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) post-production or inter-mediate step (multilayer) Inclusive
  3 X-Ray inspection only multilayer Inclusive
  4 100 % Electrical Testing after production Inclusive
  5 Controlled Impedance Testing after production Option

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Materials and Processing:
In spite of standardized lean production, each order is different as to the choice of materials and processing. We use basic materials of renown and UL-certified suppliers. Of course, also in "lead-free" quality. Finishes and solder resist are also in accordance with RoHS and WEEE regulations, which apply to EU countries from July 1st, 2006.
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